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to book with us, please, fill in the booking form here. We will contact you

Thanks for submitting!

Reservations made through the FX RENT A CAR & SCOOTER website must be submitted by the CLIENT through our "BOOKING FORM" at this page  and must contain, necessarily, the following information: (1) your full name; (2) your telephone number and contact email; (3) which vehicle or category you wish to rent; (4) the start and end date of the rent; (5) the estimated hour   to pick up the vehicle on the first day of rental.


By submitting this data, the pre-booking is registered in our system and we at FX RENT A CAR & SCOOTER will contact you as soon as possible, through your email to confirm your reservation. On the day agreed for contracting and picking up the vehicle, we ask the customer to appear within the pre-agreed time and with the following documents: (1) photo identification (ID card or passport); (2) driver's license.

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